Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Trashy Shorts: Hermit Crabs Are People, Too

If my husband had known that his wife was going to turn into a bleeding heart animal rights activist who would spend $64 for additional supplies—including a friend (That’s him in the upper right-hand corner, the one with the holes in his carrying case) because “he must get lonely sometimes”—I’ll bet he’d have thought twice about the purchase he made on vacation for our older son, who chose a hermit crab as his living beach souvenir.

The hubs wasn’t even mad when the kids and I came ambling excitedly up the stairs, loaded down with bags of hermit crab stuff.

“This is my fault, isn’t it,” he said.  It was a statement, not a question.

Why yes.  Yes, it is.


  1. If you research hermit crab care, they can live for years and years. Unfortunately, most people selling them know absolutely nothing about them, so all the "kits" are sadly guarantees of death within a year or less.

    One of my friends is an anti-cruelty-to-hermit-crabs activist. (Yes, that exists.) I know way more about hermit crabs than I ever wanted to.

    1. Mich--I didn't mean to be a huge pussy, but when I saw what they used to send those things home with vacationers in (teensy tiny boxes), I immediately felt horrible. We bought a different "pet carrier" the next week, but then I realized that even it was too small. I took it back (I am as much a tightwad as I am a hermit crab rights activist) and used the money that I got back from it ($5.97) to put toward the new box. I would like to get an aquarium with a lid because those suckers sure do like to climb and even though this one is long, it isn't tall. Right now--no shit--my boys and I give the crabs an hour or so each day to roam with toys in the guest bathroom tub. :) I promise I will scrub it down before I have overnight visitors over to use it, but I swear those crabs are cleaner than my family. That was also the reason I bought the friend for the original. I read up on it (damned internet) and learned that they are social and like friends. I shit you not, those two little guys (girls? Is there a way to tell?) are snuggled up together when they're not climbing over each other.