Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Trashy Shorts: Etiquette

My best friend Leigh and I were on the phone a couple of nights ago planning upcoming weekends with the kids at one another’s house for the summer.  We began laughing about something that happened a couple of years ago when she and her daughter, Olivia, came to spend the night.

My older son, then almost 5, had gone to the bathroom, and I didn’t see Olivia. 

I tapped on the bathroom door and opened it slightly to make sure my son was okay, as he’d been in there for a while.  “Where’s Olivia, buddy?”

“Oh, she’s in the playroom eating popcorn,” he replied.  “I remembered how you told me that when guests are over, you ask them what they want to do.  So I asked her what she wanted to do while I pooped, and she said eat popcorn.”

Well, obviously.  Because what else would one do while her host was pooping?

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