Friday, June 26, 2015

Trashy Shorts: Snack

This is what happens when your children tell you from the backseat of the car between activities that they're hungry, and you reply, "You know what?  You boys have been so good all morning that I say we do something WILD...something CRAZY...something we've NEVER DONE BEFORE!  Let's stop at Break Time and I'll let you each pick out one snack and one drink--anything you want!" (Okay, so we don't always walk on the wild side around here...)

I sighed in defeat when we reached the counter. I'm not sure why, other than maybe I felt like being dramatic.  Because really, what had I expected? 

Because I am a woman of my word, I forked over the cash for the snacks and silently said a prayer of thanks that I wouldn't be the one dealing with my 6-year-old after he'd guzzled the Mountain Dew.  He was on his way to an afternoon day camp that he'd decided to do this year, you see, and so someone else would have him for the next few hours.  Goddammit, I can be an unfeeling asshole sometimes.

As I was paying, I gave my sons my best serious mom face and said, "I really want you guys to enjoy your treats, because it's green beans for the rest of the day."

"Okay, Mom," they agreed, smiling up at me.

I'm going to sauté these little dandies as soon as my boy gets home from camp.  After all, I am a woman of my word.

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  1. You. Rock. Mama.
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