Friday, June 12, 2015

Growing Up Is Hard to Do

This post is short enough to be a Short, but compelling enough, I think, to be a Friday post. So here goes.

When a man asks you "What's up?", the response "Your penis when you look at me" is probably not the most appropriate choice.

Sure, it was great in college.  Hilarious, even.  In most cases, it made you the life of the party from the get-go.

But as a 37-year-old responsible mother, a more suitable reply might be in order.

Lesson learned.*

*Except that I'll totally do it again.  I just need to choose my audience more carefully...and isn't that lesson an important one to learn in the growing-up process, too?  How to choose one's audience?  See--I got this.


  1. That response beats the lame answer of "the sky" any day. I only wish there was an appropriate male equivalent that I could use. Since there's not, I think you continuing to use that line is the only logical answer.

    1. I promise I will. In the meantime, we've got to come up with something for the male equivalent...