Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Trashy Shorts: Be on the Lookout

A couple of months ago, the hubs and I were driving the kids to see their grandparents, who live a couple of hours away.

My husband turned on the radio, and we settled in for the drive.  

Suddenly, we heard the local newscaster's voice:  "Be on the lookout for 2 alpacas who have gotten loose in the area..."

The hubs and I looked at each other.  Blinked.

"Did he just say--"

"No.  No, surely not."

I turned to the backseat to ask the kids if they'd just heard what we thought we'd just heard, but they were both fast asleep.

Then we heard the newscaster's voice once more: "AGAIN, be on the lookout for 2 alpacas on the loose in the area."

A couple of moments passed. Then I looked at my husband.  "What the fck kind of backwoods place did you move me to 6 years ago for your job?  And do you think anywhere else is hiring?"

My husband kept his eyes on the road.  "I'll start looking Monday."

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