Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Trashy Shorts: St. Therese

A few months ago, I posted this short in which I told about a new rule we had around the house.

Shortly after I made the rule, my kindergartener and I were getting ready for school/work in my bathroom when he noticed my miniature St. Therese figurine.
He asked me about her, and I explained that she’s the saint to which we Catholics pray novenas for something that we need or something that’s on our minds.  She, in turn, will somehow send roses at the end of your 9 days of novenas to let you know that she’s heard your request.  (Quit making fun of me.)

My son touched the St. Therese figure gently, and then he raised his eyes to the sky. “St. Therese?  Please let me not go to school ever again, but still know everything that I would have learned if I had continued to go.”

You guys, sometimes I forget that he did not come out of my belly because he is SO MUCH LIKE me.  I have seriously said prayers like this my whole life.  The one that stands out in my memory (because I prayed it so often in my twenties) is this one:  “God, please please please let me not be pregnant this time—but still be able to get pregnant someday when I actually want to be.”

Pretty much the same thing, right?


  1. That's too funny. After seeing the Matrix for the first time, my wish was to be able to download all the knowledge I would need so as not to bother with all the other aspects of school.

  2. He is his mother's son.
    How beautiful!!!