Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Trashy Shorts: Rough Day

Yesterday was kind of a rough day.  

When I picked my kindergartener up from school and complained about it, he shot me a sympathetic look in the rearview mirror.  

"You just need to go home, Mom," he said, "and have a couple of drinks and forget about it."


Perhaps it's time I start heeding his father's advice and being careful what I say around our boys.

Then again, it did sound like a good plan.


  1. Ha - I saw this on FB and cracked up! My husband always asks my son to bring him up a beer when the kid comes upstairs for dinner. The knowledge that a 13 year old has about different types of beer is kinda scary!

  2. If I'm ever blue,
    I can click here to get my giggle!! xx