Monday, April 27, 2015

Nerf: A Study in Photos

I’m lucky I realize how blessed I am to have my boys—and that I love the Nerf phase so much.

Otherwise, the on-average 8 squillion of these that I pick up on a daily basis might have driven me certifiably nuts by now.

But instead, I tell you what:  If kids came out as 3-6 year-old boys that I did not have to birth, I would have at least 5 more of them.

Or even one for every Nerf bullet that I pick up each day.  Seriously, I could handle 300 little boys, couldn’t I?


  1. I think picking up Nerf bullets is the smallest problem one can have. I'm always stuck picking up random bobby pins. It's like how a woman marks her territory. I also didn't realize that my wife has approximately 1,000 of them. And yet is never seen actually wearing one.

    1. I think you might be right! And if she's marking her territory with 1,000 bobby pins, she must really love you. Myself, I just used to piss circles around my husband every time we went to a bar. Now we've been married 10 years and I think it's kinda cute when someone else tries to pick him up. Not really. I still piss.

  2. I remember that phase! At least they don't hurt when you step on them. You know what's all over my house? Little brown hairbands - ALL OVER. From just one kid.

  3. Holy Crap your house looks like mine. Saw this from my phone in the car today (work thing that took me from DC to Northern NJ and back from 6am to 6pm) and laughed out loud. Had to lie about it being a work thing. :)