Monday, March 23, 2015

Trashy Shorts: Their Ears Are Bigger than Their Stomachs...or However that Saying Goes

I overheard a conversation between my boys a few days ago.

6-year-old:  There's this guy Mom knows, and he got fired.
3-year-old:  GASP
6-year-old:  No, Bubba, that doesn't mean he got killed in a fire.  It means losing your job because you do something stupid like say the F word to your boss.

Hm.  Perhaps I should speak more quietly when gossiping with their father about people in town...


  1. You can get fired for saying the F-word? Thank God I've always worked at low class jobs where people make fun of you for NOT swearing.

  2. That's hilarious. Don't feel bad. I only have two levels. LOUD and OFF.

  3. That's F word funny! They pick everything up, don't they? Unless it's "Dinner's ready" , "Clean your room" or "It's time for bed." ;)