Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Trashy Shorts: In the Words of a Semi-Happily Married Couple

My husband was finishing off his Valentine's Day gift from the boys and me last night.

"You know," he said, popping the last of the chocolate-covered strawberries into his mouth, "your Valentine's gift to me every year is kind of a cop-out."

"Oh, is that right?" I asked, looking up at him from my place at the table.  "Well, at least I got you something."

"I got you something!" he replied, motioning with a flourish toward the wilty wildflowers in the center of the kitchen table.

I widened my eyes.  "Oh, those?  Yes, because that was really hard, to rush into the supermarket all by yourself five minutes before you got home from work and grab them from the refrigerator at the front of the store.  If you'd had to drag the kids in with you, I might respect the flowers a bit more.

"Yes," I continued, nodding my head exaggeratedly.  "Yes, that must have required much more effort than the evening I made the strawberries with the kids."

"Whatever," my husband replied, rolling his eyes just before catching mine, causing us to both burst into laughter over how ungrateful we can be. 

Thank God we "get" each other.

This is what "thank you" looks like in every language, right? 

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  1. Yep! I got my husband a card, he got me a box of drugstore chocolates in a box with a guitar on it that said "You Rock My World" that had a guitar pick wedged in the strings that read "Pick Me!". Delightfully cheesy. We get each other too. That's the best thing ever.

    1. Where did he find that, Linda, because I SO want to get it for my hubs next year! He's a guitar player, too, and one year for Father's Day I got him personalized picks with his picture and a message on the back. I thought it was the coolest gift ever, but he was like, "Oh, that's great. Thanks." He's lucky I haven't given up on the gifts altogether!

  2. LOL Shay! Yup. You two are perfect for each other and I agree that making chocolate covered strawberries is way way harder than buying flowers on the way home!

    1. Right?!?! That's why I had to come back and edit the post and specify that he was alone...EASY PEASY!! :)

  3. I'm the romantic one and my wife's the low maintenance type. The way we "get" each other is a lot like you guys.