Thursday, February 19, 2015

Trashy Shorts: Called Out

I am lucky enough to have jobs that allow me, for the most part, to make my own schedule. This means that when my kids are off of school for snow days, although I might have to work a little bit from home, I still get to hang out with them.

Yesterday we had a coffee playdate with a friend of mine. As we sat chatting, I mentioned that I wasn't feeling well. 

"I'm all shaky and feeling weird," I said, taking a long sip of my coffee. "I think it's still that nasty bug from last week, hanging around in my system just to kick my ass again."

She acted for a moment as if she were pondering my words, but then she raised her eyebrows, arranging her features into an amused look. "Or maybe," she said, "you could try not so much coffee and a lot more sleep?"

Damn. Don't you hate being called out on shit?

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