Monday, January 26, 2015

Trashy Shorts: Childhood Obesity

After church on most Sundays, my husband and I take the boys and head to the local donut shop.  Yesterday my neighbor joined us.  When I brought the tray back to our table, my 3-year-old’s entire being lit up at the sight of his chocolate-iced donut.  I don’t know a thing about auras, but I swear I watched the air around him turn a bright, pulsating pink as the overwhelming love that he feels for pastries seeped from his pores.

I smiled fondly while grabbing my phone to take a picture.  “The look of pure excitement on his face every single time he encounters a donut can make one begin to understand America’s problem with childhood obesity,” I mused aloud. 

Then, catching myself, I looked around the small shop and cleared my throat for the sake of any judgy types who normally don’t get my sense of humor or who like to pretend they don’t get my sense of humor for the sake of having a person to rant about that day.  Because two can play at that game. 
“Which is certainly no laughing matter.  ONCE A WEEK, kid,” I said loudly, “after church.  And for the rest of today:  Only broccoli!”

My husband rolled his eyes, my neighbor chuckled and said “Whatever” under his breath, and my son smiled blissfully as he took that first bite.  I wondered if he felt like I do every morning with my first sip of coffee.

It was a good morning.


  1. And this just made me hungry for a chocolate-iced donut. It sucks - I know I can have donuts any time I want to. I have enough money to buy them any time I please. And yet, I can't. Not in good conscience. Being an adult sucks.

    1. I ate one on Sunday, but only because I'm too old to catch childhood obesity. HAVE ONE!!