Thursday, December 11, 2014

Trashy Shorts: Reason #352 Why She's My Best Friend

This was my best friend Leigh's status update on Facebook yesterday:

She says she had the beer AFTER the tree fell, but none of us really believe her.  It's kind of like that chicken and egg thing:  Which came first?
In any case, I felt that you, too, should receive a bit of joy from her suffering, just like her close friends and family did. 
It's the least we can do this Christmas season.
For more on Leigh, click here. Believe me, it's always worth it.


  1. I've got two cats who love to lay under the tree and a one year old German Shepherd who loves to harass them. I'm debating just decorating my tree while it lays on the floor - kind of like those upside down trees you seen in the malls only a sideways tree instead.

  2. This chick sounds hilarious!