Monday, December 22, 2014

Trashy Shorts: Morning Commute: Christmas Edition

Two colons in one title?  Is that even LEGAL?  I know one blog authorette who's feeling feisty with her punctuation today!  Anyway...

Last week on the way to school, my 6-year-old, in the never-ending conversation that he holds with the world and everyone in it, asked from the backseat, “Mom, what did you get for your Bible Study gift exchange?”

“A little Thirty-One makeup bag,” I answered.  I was proud of my offering because I was pretty sure it would be one of the few sought-after gifts in the $10 exchange.  In fact, I was thinking about strategizing so that I could end up with it myself.  “It’s a popular brand with—"

“Um, that’s not a JESUS gift, Mom,” my 6-year-old interrupted in a voice that made it clear that he would’ve liked to have added, “HELLOOOOO, dumbass.  Don’t you know anything?”

“I know, buddy,” I replied.  “But they were all out of hair shirts at Wal-Mart.”



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  1. Ha! Did you check aisle 4 in the back? There are usually a few hair shirts on the clearance rack.;)