Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Trashy Shorts: Will You Accept This Cake Pop?

My boys go to different schools (one is in preschool and the other Kindergarten), and their schedules seem to flip-flop.  Anytime one is off, the other has to go to school.

I’ve been taking them on individual Mommy/son dates to a little coffee joint up the road when this happens.  I get a coffee, the son whose turn it is gets a lemonade, and we share a few cake pops.  It’s a lot of fun.

When it was my younger son’s turn on Monday, I found myself wondering how in the hell Jon and Kate had managed individual dates with all 8 kids.  It would take, like, a year to fit all of that in.

Because that’s how I think during most of my life’s scenarios:  in terms of how the reality stars would handle them.  A sort of “What would Jesus do?” but more like, “What would a Real Housewife do?”

And that’s a completely sane and healthy approach to life, right?

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  1. Absolutely. When I look at myself in the mirror after I get dressed, I think "What would Heidi say? Would I be in or out?"