Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Trashy Shorts: Late Night Conversation, aka "Scrotum"

The other night, my husband was lying propped up on a few pillows in bed, scrolling through the options on the TV menu.

The Man with the 132-lb. Scrotum,” he read aloud, “is on.”  He turned to me.  “You wanna watch it?” 

I shuddered and gave him a dirty look, one that clearly conveyed my disgust with him.  “No!” I said, hoping that the tone of voice I’d used would make him feel ashamed for even asking me.

Instead, he held the remote questioningly in the air for a moment.

“Okay, maybe for just a second,” I conceded.

“GROSS!” he said, laughing.  “I was just kidding; I'm not watching that!  What the fck is wrong with you?”


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