Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Trashy Shorts: I Fcking Love People

I was getting to know some co-workers better over drinks a few Friday nights ago, when suddenly, one of the best conversations I've ever had took place. 

Co-worker:  I was married for 12 years before I got divorced.
Me:  Aw, what happened?
Co-worker:  Um, he was a CONVICT.

I am going to attribute the hysterical laughter that followed her proclamation to the fact that we’d all had at least 2 drinks at this point, and NOT that we are all insensitive, cruel assholes. 

Although if I’m being honest with myself, it could be that last one, too.


  1. Was he a convict before or after the wedding though? That is a crucial detail, Co-worker. And as long as you were laughing with her and not at her, I think you're good!

    1. Kate, that was the first question I asked her, too! I said, "Did you KNOW? No judgement; I'm just curious!" It was after the wedding, and she had no idea until the cops came knocking on her door. She said he was selling stolen goods or something like that.

    2. Oh, and she was laughing, too, so I think that makes her a cruel and insensitive asshole as well. :)

  2. Ugh I HATE when that happens. I mean when you marry someone
    and suddenly they're a totally different person, not when you laugh about over drinks. You have to laugh about it, what else can you do?