Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Trashy Recipe Recommendation: Stuffed Peppers

It's my turn to cook tonight, and sire has requested that dinner be made using vegetables from his garden--so stuffed peppers it is. I hope I can perfect my curtsy before dinnertime.

And no, I'm not so on top of it that they're already fresh from the oven, warm and waiting for my family at 8:26 AM. This is just a picture that I took the last time I made them because I was kinda proud of m'self.  Trust me, took a LONG time to get to this point.  :)

Here's the really quick recipe I've modified over the years to get to the easiest version possible...because that's how we roll around here:

1 pound of ground beef
4 green peppers
Italian seasoning (to taste)
shredded cheeese (to taste)
1 jar spaghetti sauce

Brown the beef, adding Italian seasoning to taste.  After draining the grease, I sometimes mix in a bit of shredded cheese (maybe half a cup) to the beef, just to give it a creamier, cheesier taste.  Add spaghetti sauce to whatever consistency you desire--I usually use 3/4 of the jar--and mix.

Rinse the peppers, then cut the tops off, discard, and clean out the seeds. Rinse the insides.  Boil the peppers until they're softened; you usually only need to boil them for about 10 minutes.

When the peppers are finished boiling, turn off the pot and let them sit for a few minutes to cool.  When taking them out, I will usually use a slotted spoon so that I don't burn my fingers.  Then, set the peppers upside-down on a paper towel (I usually set my paper towel on a plate) so that they cool further while draining any excess water.

When beef is completely cooked and peppers are cooled, fill the peppers with the beef mixture.  Top each pepper with a spoonful or so of the remainder of the spaghetti sauce.  Bake uncovered at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes.  Take the peppers out, add shredded cheese to the tops, and bake, uncovered, for about 5 more minutes.



  1. Dang it! now I am hungry! My kids don't care too much for the pepper part so I developed "unstuffed" green peppers. I have eliminated the baking and slice the peppers into strips. While I brown the beef with an onion, I cook the rice. Then it all goes into the pan with the beef with a couple cans of stewed tomatoes and a can of tomato sauce. Last time I made it one kid said I could have used more green pepper. ??? I came up with this fix because one would eat about half a pepper and the other just ate the stuffing. I like green peppers but I don't want to eat 3 of them at a sitting!

    1. I didn't like stuffed peppers as a kid, but when I started making them as an adult, I fell in love with them. I used to add rice to them, but my husband called it "filler" once and said he could do without it. Normally I would smack him for any negative comment about a dinner I took pains to make, but that time, I totally listened because hey--it eliminated a step and made them easier for me to make. I also used to put a can of stewed tomoatoes and tomato sauce in, but somewhere along the line, it just became spaghetti sauce. Again: Easier. Haha. Thanks so much for your "unstuffed" peppers recipe--so fun! I'm going to try it sometime!

  2. This looks delicious and I know my kids will at least eat the meat part!
    Thanks for sharing. This is one recipe I can handle and probably one of the few ways my husband will eat peppers.

  3. Katie from St. LouisAugust 7, 2014 at 12:57 PM

    Okay, I'm disappointed. They look good in the picture, too - but what happened to "three steps and you're done?" After the fourth "AND THEN," I lost all hope for ever having green pepper deliciousness in my kitchen. You know who's a lazier cook than you, Shay? This girl right here. I'm actually in awe of anyone who beefs up their Ramen (i.e., you); I don't even boil the noodles on the stove anymore - I just throw those puppies in the microwave. Now THAT's a dedication to lazy motherhood! :)

    1. Katie--I was thinking the same thing as I typed it up. I'm usually a 3-ingredient type of girl. Maybe if you take out the Italian seasoning and shredded cheese? Just slop a pile of browned beef in front of their faces and tell them to quit complaining!