Sunday, July 13, 2014

Trashy Shorts: Family Reunion

I was at a family reunion yesterday, and the auctioneer was so aggressive that I was afraid to scratch my nose.

Then I remembered that just before the auction (to raise funds to rent the hall and buy the food for next year’s reunion) had started, I’d asked my dad how much money he’d brought in case I needed to supplement my bids.  Of course, I had reassured him, “I’ll pay you back tomorrow.”

He’d shrugged and opened his wallet, where I got a glimpse of $60. 

After I’d claimed my prize for $16 and given him the change from the $20 he had handed me, I looked at him and blinked.  “You know I wasn’t really planning on paying you back, right?”

My dad rolled his eyes.  “Of course I knew that, Shay.  That’s why I smacked your hand when you tried to bid on the second necklace.”


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  1. You're the bargain queen - your dad should thank you for spending his money so wisely, really.