Monday, July 7, 2014

Trashy Shorts: The Bundle

The hubs and I stumbled upon this little number last weekend during a visit to the McDonald's drive-through. 

They call it "The Bundle," and of course we snatched one right up, because there's nothing we believe in more than encouraging healthy eating habits for our children.  Oh--and because we're fat.

As soon as we had gotten our bundle and I had placed it lovingly upon my lap to wait for the food to cool before passing it around to the various members of my family, my husband laughingly said I should take a couple of pictures and send them to our good friends, Ben and Kori.
We knew they would appreciate the pictures because a couple of years ago, McDonald's had come out with a 50-McNugget promotion and the hubs and I had just about shit ourselves with excitement.  When we ran into Ben and Kori at a kid's birthday party a few days later, however, Ben happened to bring it up.
"Did you guys see that McDonald's is now selling McNuggets in a 50-nugget package deal?"  He had wrinkled his nose in disgust.  "I mean, what kind of person needs 50 McNuggets?  Who would buy that?"
The hubs and I had shared sly smiles before turning to Ben.  "Um...we would.  And we did.  Yesterday," we'd said.

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