Friday, May 9, 2014

My New Series

In lieu of this week’s regularly-scheduled post, I’d like to very briefly tell you about a new series that I’ve started on Trashy Blog in case you missed it last week.

For as long as I can remember—and probably because I hang out with people that are as stupid as I am—I’ve been finding short bursts of hilarity in my days that leave me laughing all my life.  I have always shared them with family and friends, and I’ve wanted to find a way to share them with my blog readers, too.

Last week, an idea came to me in the form of Trashy Shorts, which are really short posts that I've been posting throughout the week.  That’s right—I’ll still be posting my regular-length posts on Fridays, but from now on, I’ll also be posting throughout the week.  But don’t worry about having to listen to me "blather on and on" as my 5-year-old son likes to say, because seriously, these Trashy Shorts posts are SHORT.  Here is the intro to them that I’ve written on the Trashy Shorts page, which you can get to by clicking on the “Trashy Shorts” tab above:

It would take you longer to read a list of the names of dudes I skanked out with in my 20’s than it would for you to read these Trashy Shorts posts.  Then again, a 500-page legal document would probably take less time to read than a list of the names of dudes I skanked out with in my 20’s, too.  Which is all beside the point, because I can’t make an accurate list: If I happened to catch names, I was usually too drunk to remember them.

In any case, these particular posts are short.

(Last week, as a sort of introduction to them, I posted that intro on every single Trashy Shorts post.  I promise I will stop doing that.)

In case you were worried:  Of course I’ll still blather on in my regular Friday posts.  In fact, I have a whole queue of Friday posts just waiting to be posted (some of my blogging friends have accused me of being a “post hoarder” in the past, which I love because it kind of sounds like “post whore”).  Trashy Shorts are just a way for me to connect with readers and other bloggers on a more frequent basis.  And to talk about pubes and stuff.

For today, though, I’ll just leave you with this intro to the new series and a link to the Trashy Shorts page so that, if you’re so inclined, you can peruse the ones I posted last week.  As always, thank you so much for reading.  If you were around all day to hear me gush to my poor, sweet, patient husband about it, you’d understand how much it means to me.
And please stop back by on Monday—I’m already excited about next week’s Trashy Shorts posts.  J


  1. I love what you've created--it's a great idea because most people prefer shorter posts anyway and you certainly know how to make each one funny as hell. I also know how much you like graphic, metaphoric gems, so if you get a chance sometime stop by and read about my 12 Mother's Day Gift Fails. This is right up your alley, HAHAHA!!!

  2. Well, the name Trashy Shorts is just fabulous. I will check them out right now!