Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Guest Post at The Menopausal Mother!


Today I'm being featured on The Menopausal Mother's Wacky Wednesday Writers series. I'm so excited because I simply adore the lovely Marcia, who writes the blog. 

Why have I taken such a liking to her? 

Well, not only does her sweet personality and mutual love and affection for her family and life shine through in each and every hilarious post that she writes, but--get this--she also digs my writing.


Be glad you aren't here to see the self-important head shake that I can't seem to stop as I write the following line:  I do believe that some of the words Marcia used to describe my writing style and me were fearless, raw humor, honest, heart of gold, and one of the sweetest bloggers in the blogosphere...

...and here I thought I had you all fooled.  Dammit.  :)

You can get to the post just by clicking on the image below...and if you're coming here from Marcia's site--first off, thank you!!  And secondly, I've left a few additional links to some of my previous posts to check out, if you're so inclined. 

Thanks for visiting!  I hope to see you all back here on Friday.

Click the image to get to my guest post!

Additional links from Trashy Blog:

A couple of classic favorites:
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After reading a couple of posts about my dad, you'll understand why the only words necessary to describe posts about him are "My dad."  Sigh...
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And, as Marcia promised, a glimpse into my skanky past with a recent post:
Door-to-Door Salesman


  1. Hi - popped over from Marcia's blog. I'm a good friend of Marcia's and love her to bits and when she says she loves your blog, I knew that was reason enough to pop on over. Well I can tell you I haven't laughed this much in ages. I just love your sense of humor. So well done and I will be a frequent visitor here. Lanthie

    1. Thanks so much, Lanthie! I will definitely head to your blog, too!

  2. Are you sure Marcia was describing you? Just kidding - off to check you out over there!

    1. Dana, that was the perfect response and made me laugh out loud. Sounds like something my dad would say!

  3. You did an AWESOME job on my site today! Everyone loved you just like I knew they would. Thank you again for being my guest and for keeping all the readers smiling like you always do. XO

    1. Marcia, it was my pleasure. Thank you so much for having me!!